How To View Photos On Facebook?


You will probably wonder where are my Facebook photos if you cannot locate a photo you added to Facebook. Using Facebook, you can view your photos both from your computer and from your smartphone. Facebook stores your photos at a certain location, and you can access them from both. Here’s how to access them. Here is the complete information about “How To View Photos On Facebook?” Read it out below!

How To View Photos On Facebook?

Method 1: By using a desktop browser

1. Visit to sign in. To view your Facebook photos, you can log in with any desktop web browser, such as Chrome, Firefox, or Safari. You’ll need to follow different steps if you are using the mobile app to view photos.

2. You can view your profile picture by clicking your name. In the blue menu that runs horizontally across the top of the page, you’ll see your name and profile picture.

  • You will be redirected to your profile page.

3. Click on Photos. This information can be found in the horizontal menu under your cover photo next to “Timeline.”

  • If your permissions allow, all your photos will display, including the ones you’ve uploaded and the ones others have tagged you in.

4. Click Your Photos or Your Albums. Click on the Photos of You tab to see photos you’ve been tagged in and uploaded yourself. Clicking on your name will open this page automatically as well.

  • You can see all the photos you’ve uploaded, regardless of whether you are a subject.
  • You can view all the photos and albums you’ve uploaded in your albums. The albums will contain photos you’ve used as your profile picture, timeline uploads, Instagram pictures, and mobile uploads.
  • You can enlarge a picture to see it in more detail by clicking on it.

Method 2: The Mobile App

1. Click on the Facebook app. Alternatively, you can search for this icon on your Home screen, in the App drawer, or in the app drawer. This icon appears like a white “f” on a blue background.

  • You can view your photos on iPhones or Android devices using this method.
  • Log in using your username and password if prompted.

2. Select the icon for your profile. There is a person’s shape inside a circle icon within the horizontal menu that runs across your screen.

  • The profile page of your account will appear.

3. Select Photos. You will probably find the photo selection button after scrolling down the page. Below the list of friends is typically where you will find it.

  • Including the pictures you’ve uploaded and those others tagged, you can view all of your photos.

4. Choose from photos of yourself, uploaded pictures, or albums. The Photos of You tab lets you see your own or others’ photos that were tagged with you. Tap on your photo to see your gallery and you’ll see the Photos of You tab as well.

  • Photos will show all pictures you’ve uploaded regardless of whether you’re in them or not.
  • Photos and albums you have uploaded are displayed in the albums section. Uploads for profile pictures and timelines, videos, and mobile uploads, for example, will appear as albums.
  • You can enlarge the photo to see it in greater detail by tapping on it.

How to View Someone’s Facebook Albums?

Users can easily share photos with their Facebook friends using Facebook’s album-sharing feature. Facebook users may find it easy to view a user’s Facebook albums right away, while others may have difficulty. By clicking the correct button on a user’s Facebook profile, you can view their Facebook albums.

1. Log in to your Facebook account. View the albums of the individual whose profile you want to view. To visit the Facebook profile of a friend you are already friends with, click their name on your friend list.

2. Select the individual from the search results after entering the person’s name in the “Search” box at the top of the Facebook page if you are not already friends. At the top right of the screen, click the “Add as a Friend” button to send a friend request to the person and wait for his response. It is important to be friends with a person before viewing their Facebook albums since many of them are hidden from everyone except friends.

3. Select the “Photos” link under the individual’s Facebook profile picture on the left side of the screen.

4. Please click the name of the album you would like to view.

5. The first photo in the album can be viewed by clicking the right arrow, and the rest can be viewed by clicking the left arrow. If you only want to view one photo from the album, click on the photo to view it.

How to View Friends Photos on Facebook?

Looking at the News Feed on Facebook will allow you to see photos from a variety of people. Photos appear in a few different places: on your News Feed, in a photo viewer, and in an album.

1. Photostream in News Feed

The photo dominates the News Feed screen. The top of the page contains the name of the person who posted the item and any description she provided. The photo has also been added with information about when and how it was added.

You can Like, Comment, and Share a photo by clicking the links underneath it. The number of likes and comments a photo has already received appears beneath those links. Perhaps even a blank comment box awaits your contribution.

Similar to a single photo, an album preview displays more photos from the album. At the top of the post, you can see how many photos are in the album and the name of the album. The photo viewer expands when you click a photo, and the album view appears when you click the album title.

2. Photo viewer

You can quickly browse photos and leave comments in the photo viewer, which sits on top of Facebook. If you click on a small version of a photo almost anywhere on Facebook, the photo viewer expands and the rest of the screen fades to black. The photo appears on the left side of the viewer, while comments, likes, and other information appear on the right side.

A list of options appears in white when you hover your mouse over the photo. Each side of the page has an arrow that lets you navigate through an album. You can also advance the album by clicking anywhere on the photo. The following information appears at the bottom of the viewer:

  • <Album Name>: An album is usually titled according to a name created by a friend, such as “Summer in February” or a description generated by Facebook, such as “Mobile uploads.”
  • Photo count: You can also see the number of pictures in the album you’re on.
  • Tag Photo: By clicking this, you can add tags or labels to those in the picture.
  • Options: You can use this menu item to download a photo to your computer, report a photo, remove a tag, or make a photo your profile picture.
  • Share: You can post a photo to your own timeline by clicking here.
  • Like: You can indicate your appreciation for a photo by selecting this option.

3. Viewing the album

When you click a name of an album or click a View Album link, the album view appears as a grid of thumbnail photos. Until you reach the end of the album, more and more photos appear as you scroll down the page.

Sometimes, if a person adds a large album, you might just want to skim the album view to see where the interesting parts are. The photo viewer appears by clicking on any photo.

The album view at the top shows the name of the album, when and where the album was added, and any other information your friend has added. You can see who has liked the album and commented under the last row of photos.

4. You have photos on your mobile device

Looking at photos on a computer screen isn’t that different from looking at them on a smartphone. When you tap a photo in News Feed, it expands and fades the rest of the screen to black. You can like, comment, or return to your News Feed by tapping the photo once.

By tapping the likes or comments, you will be taken to a screen where you can scroll through the comments people have made. The same way you swipe your finger from the right to the left of the screen to flip through photos you’ve taken on your phone, you can flip through photos in an album. Facebook photos can also be zoomed in and out using two fingers.

5. You can view tagged photos and videos of yourself

You are tagged in photos and videos of yourself if you appear in them. Tags are a way to mark who is in a photograph – similar to writing the names of everyone on the back of a print. Facebook Photos are made possible because of tags. Even if you don’t add lots of photos, you can have photos added by other people.

It’s possible that you’ve been tagged in a lot of photos on your friends’ Timelines, so Facebook collects these photos in the Photos section of your Timeline. You can find it under your cover photo.

Photos of *Your Name> are displayed by default in the Photos section. A list of the most recently tagged photos appears at the top of the Photos of *Your Name> section. The older the photo, the more it appears. It’s a great place to travel down memory lane, and to make sure you are aware of all the photos that are available to you.

Get in touch with your friend if there’s a photo or video you don’t want on Facebook, even if you’ve removed the tag. The photo can also be reported to Facebook if you believe it is offensive or rude in any way.

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