How To Write A Script For A Video Game?


Is it because video games are so valuable to many of us? Maybe it’s because they often share amazing stories with us? Unlike older video games, modern ones are much more than just entertainment. Even the stable opponents of the games seemed to have calmed down and given up talking about how harmful they are. In today’s world, young, middle-aged, and all people respect and play video games; all they need is to find the game they like.

I am sure everyone who is reading this has played a game at least once. How many of you thought about the process of writing the game stories and also the people who write them? As a general rule, we enjoy the end result and don’t want to know more about how it was made. Here you will find information about “How To Write A Script For A Video Game?” Read it below! 

How To Write A Script For A Video Game?

Writing video games is supposed to be a valuable job, so it’s disappointing to hear this. In reality, writing any text is challenging, but creating game scripts is even more challenging. In spite of our constant exposure to writing, we still find it boring and exhausting. Some students even try to avoid writing essays by ordering them online. Alternatively, you can ask a professional to assist you with the game script if you have some good ideas. However, in this case, you won’t feel like this story is yours. That’s why you should do it yourself. You should at least get a basic understanding of how to write a video game script when you use our guide.

1. Explore the software you’ll need

Scripting a game is one of the most difficult types of writing. A writer has to create a background, a game world, and detailed descriptions of each character, among many other things. Fortunately, video game scriptwriters have a variety of software choices. You can spend time and test each program you find or ask more experienced writers for advice. It is rare to use the software in the early stages of writing, but once you move on, it becomes irreplaceable.

2. Write the outline of the story

It should be your first priority. No matter how good your memory is, it is difficult to keep all the important details in your head. Without a clearly defined plot, it is impossible to work on all other details. Most players will agree that a video game’s story is its most important element. Therefore, the plot should be fine-tuned. As if it were a book, it’s not necessary to make it very detailed. You should instead focus on describing the main plot points: introduction, main part, top, conclusion. You should practice each plot twist in a game since they usually have several of them.

3. Creating the world

A good story is good, but what about the setting? In video games, the world and the background of the story are also very important. The type of video game and the world of the game will probably be obvious if you choose to write a script for a video game. It is important that you pay attention to this step as the final result depends on how detailed your description is. If you are responsible, designers who create the world will ask fewer questions and do their job faster.

4. Develop the Character System

You can now begin working on the characters once you have seen the final plot and the game world. Just make sure the characters match the type of game and the game world perfectly. To create shorter descriptions, you’ll need to make long ones first. The larger version will be used by designers and must include detailed descriptions of the characters. The shorter version will be shown to players during gameplay.

5. Adding flowcharts

You will have to spend a lot of time on this step, but flowcharts are vital to the entire game. Keeping track of the logical sequence of the game is done using the flowchart. There are usually several paths to choose from, decisions to make, and missions to complete. You and the developers can use flowcharts to determine where certain quests appear and what the character should do in various situations.

6. Include Important Information

After the main story is completed, some game scriptwriters like to add these details. We take a different approach. Detail information includes cut scenes, interactions with NPCs (non-playable characters), items, and side quests. There are probably other versions of your story. Why don’t you try writing them now? Don’t be afraid to add some other details to your game if you notice that it’s missing.

7. Finish your project by adding finishing touches

We mean that it’s time to write the storyboard script. The story you’ve written in prose will now be transformed into the format required. The script will be similar to a traditional movie script, but the details we discussed in the previous step will make it different. The storyboard script for the videogame contains a lot of information, such as the location, notes, flowchart, action, characters’ words, and the player’s goal.

8. Write the perfect script for a video game

We understand that you may want to create a stunning game for video game enthusiasts like you. Nevertheless, if you truly wish to master it, remember that you are now working for the game developers and designers. It can sometimes be helpful to put the audience second. It might sound absurd, but it’s the truth. 

How can a video game script be awesome?

Over the past years and decades, video games have evolved into amazing storytelling tools with characters, plots, and environments. Beautiful graphics enhance the scene, and the character’s lines add that much more to the game.

The Gamer has some thoughts on video game scripts:

During video games’ early years, video games were not always considered an effective storytelling medium. The notion that they aren’t is laughable today. It might even be argued that they surpass traditional mediums like literature or film by engaging the audience in a manner that other firms simply cannot.

There’s no doubt that gamers have great connections with their characters, and by including great scripts, that connection can be expended. Creating awesome words is not only the responsibility of writers but also of voice artists.

Taking a look at video game script examples can be beneficial for both positions in terms of inspiration and creation. Furthermore, it’s crucial to study the character and find out what makes them tick. A film script or voicing a film allows the character to come to life through the words they’ve been given and the voice that will say them.

How to write a great video game script?

The players must have a great relationship with the characters, just as the characters must have a great relationship with the players. People want to play games when they have a great relationship with the characters. They want to feel immersed in the game and part of it. It is up to the script to make them feel that way.

How do you create a compelling script in the midst of such a crowded market and so many different types of games?  What makes a script compelling? A player character dynamic is responsible for it. Even with all these differences, this article shows that there remains one element that all video games must consider. the dynamic between the player and the character.  

It may be a difference in genre, or in combat, or in interactivity. Whatever it is, you must find that dynamic. That is what motivates players. You should keep that in mind if you’re considering becoming a scriptwriter for video games. Another valuable piece of advice from our own Bunny Studio that helps to explain the role of the scriptwriter:

Video game scriptwriters assist in developing the plot and writing the dialogue for a particular video game. A major part of your role during the pre-production of the game will be developing the story. In addition to creating the characters, you would be crafting the game’s narrative. During the conversation with the programmer who has to add visuals to your words, you will accomplish this.

It’s just one more thing to consider when writing – the visuals. The visuals should complement the mood of the game. It only makes sense that if you have an ethereal fantasy game going on, your characters will best match that mystical vibe, not just your regular guy characters.


Scripts should also be kept short when it comes to writing them. As with any other form of entertainment, you need to keep your audience’s attention, according to this writer from Game Design Lounge. When writing dialogue, it’s important to remember that some characters will simply want to get back to the action as soon as possible, no matter how good your dialogue is. 

Keep your lines short, quick-witted, full of banter, and catchy like the example above from The Walking Dead.

The voicing of video game scripts

The above is only a light sprinkling of what it means to write video game scripts, so let’s move on to what it means to voice them. Your job may not seem easy; you have a big job to do when voicing a video game. Not only must your voice match the character’s characteristics, but it should also match their movements and gestures, as well. Your character must sound frantic and out of breath if he’s running and dodging bullets, for example. It is important to show the wonder and magic in your character’s voice as she encounters unicorns for the first time.

What are your methods for doing that? A great way to discover what you’re good at is to experiment with different characters and genres. Here are a couple of examples of video game scripts:

  • Here’s a line from Duke Nuken that fits the bill, short, catchy, and quick-witted: “It’s time to kick ass and chew bubble gum…and I’m outta gum.” 
  • “You can’t break a man the same way you can break an animal. “The harder you beat someone, the taller he becomes.” – Far Cry 2
  • People move as time passes. A river’s flow never ceases. – The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time “A childish mind will turn to noble ambition.”

These are all short lines, around 15 seconds or less, so they don’t take up much valuable action time. Work on lines like this if you are a voice artist looking to get into video game voicing. With just a few minutes left, you can capture enough attention, give a quick look into the character, and define them further.

Practicing the lines in good and bad voices is not a bad idea. As we mentioned earlier, try out different lines with different voices, you know, slow, boring, or just the wrong voice. You may be surprised by the results. Let’s take Zelda’s famous line from The Legend of Zelda as an example.

As we live in a world of balance, there is benevolence, which drives away evil, as well as light, which drives away the darkness. Reading it in a sleepy old man’s voice isn’t going to make sense. In order for it to come alive, we need the youth and energy of Zelda.

Here are a few more tips:

1. Those who write

Share as much as you can with your voice artist after you’ve created that awesome script. It might not be the same vision as yours since they aren’t in your head. Nevertheless, the more information you can share about your character, their situation, their personality, and their backstory, the better the voice artist can portray them. If you give them more information ahead of time, you will have to make fewer corrections in the process. Having your voice actors bring your characters to life is better for everyone, so please send them your character descriptions.

2. The following is for actors

You should take good care of your voice. It can be hard on your voice-to-voice video games. There’s usually a lot of action, so you’ll hear a lot of yelling and strenuous sounds like fighting or running. These aren’t your typical documentaries. You may have to speak lower or higher than your normal voice, so your voice might stress. Don’t push your voice too hard. After speaking, rest your voice. Drink some honey-infused warm tea. Do not yell at your pet. Don’t forget to keep your voice strong and healthy by doing voice exercises continuously.

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