HR policies at Apple have come under fire for how they handle complaints about abuse by women


In a story published on Thursday, it was discussed how Apple‘s HR reporting system had misled female employees. It also showed several instances where the company’s response was inconsistent with its claimed objectives.

A few incidents at corporate and retail sites where allegations of sexual abuse and discrimination were downplayed or completely disregarded by the corporation are included in the report on Thursday morning. Additionally, the occurrences mentioned occur across the board in terms of organisational seniority and responsibility.

Jane Whitt, The legal director at Apple, wrote complaints and grievances about the firm and the effects of a relationship she had. In her account, a different Apple attorney was described as abusing his or her partner as the couple’s relationship deteriorated. She reported this to Apple’s human resources department, but received little to no help beyond a statement that they couldn’t do anything because she had no proof from other Apple workers.

A reprimand was ultimately given to her by Apple HR for “allowing a personal relationship to interfere with my work, not appropriately safeguarding my devices and accounts, and being unprofessional during the investigation.”

Margaret Anderson, another attorney, also complained about the atmosphere at work. She said that Apple HR didn’t care to look over the abuse-related paperwork she supplied, and no action had been taken.

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Other workers speak in various degrees about sexual assault. The women’s accounts discuss how HR views them as the issue. One alleged victim was taken on a “career experience” and informed by HR that she will be better before the victim returned in one of the cases mentioned.

The report from last Thursday also discusses Cher Scarlett’s issues with the business.

Scarlett agreed to resign from the organization and drop a complaint to the National Labor Relations Board after negotiating a settlement with Apple.

Apple attorneys attempted to persuade Scarlett to sign stringent nondisclosure and non-disparagement restrictions as part of a separation agreement presented in October. The agreements included wording that made clear what Apple intended Scarlett to say about her departure: I’ve decided it’s time to leave Apple after 18 months and pursue other options.

The conditions were disclosed to the media by Scarlett. That was seen by Apple as a breach of the separation contract.

Ashley Gjovik’s interactions with Apple are not included in the report. Gjovik was sacked in the wake of tweets concerning workplace misogyny in late 2021 after being placed on administrative leave.

Apple claimed that its policies on discrimination are crystal clear in a statement on the subject. As it has previously stated, it wants any employee to feel at ease reporting occurrences, free from worry about facing reprisals and confident that Apple will investigate the situation thoroughly.

According to Apple, “there are several claims raised that do not reflect our goals or our rules and we should have handled them better, including the interactions mentioned in this piece.” “As a result, we will alter our training and procedures.”

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