iMessage and FaceTime might not work out of the box on iPhone 14


iMessage and FaceTime might not function properly right out of the box with iOS 16.0 due to activation difficulties. Issues with the iPhone 14 from Apple include the inability to receive FaceTime or iMessage calls; the display of green rather than blue bubbles when contacting another iMessage user; and the possibility that recipients will see your messages as coming from the proper account. 

In essence, iOS 16.0 has flaws with the new device setup that affect how iMessage and FaceTime are activated on the iPhone. With so many customers purchasing iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Pro, and iPhone 14 Pro Max devices today with iOS 16.0 preloaded, it is obvious that the timing is off.

Thankfully, Apple has already fixed these issues with the recent distribution of iOS 16.0.1.

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Apple claims that after updating to the most recent iOS version, problems with iMessage and FaceTime should be rectified. Your new iPhone can ask you to upgrade as part of the initial setup process before you even get to the home screen. If not, update to the most recent version of the software after receiving your iPhone 14 by going to Settings->General-> Software Update.

After updating to iOS 16.0.1, you might need to play around with the iMessage settings if you’re still experiencing problems with iMessage and FaceTime. According to Apple, make sure your phone line is turned on by going to Settings-> Cellular.

Open Send & Receive under Messages in Settings after that. Select the phone number you want to use for iMessage by tapping it. After opening Settings -> FaceTime, tap the phone number you want to use with FaceTime.

If you take those actions, the activation procedure for these services should be reset, and your iPhone 14 should then function normally.

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