Improved glass makes new iPhone SE nearly as tough as the iPhone 13


A series of controlled drops performed by Allstate Protection Plans this week confirmed Apple’s claims that the third-generation iPhone SE is more durable than its predecessor and nearly as durable as the iPhone 13 in terms of shock absorption.

The iPhone SE was able to withstand a six-foot face-down drop onto a sidewalk with only minor scuffing, just like the iPhone 13. The iPhone SE, on the other hand, has a tougher glass, but it lacks the same Ceramic Shield front glass as the iPhone 13 models.

The iPhone SE cracked after a 6-foot fall in a back-drop test, likely because it does not have the same smooth aluminium exterior as Apple’s iPhone 13. The aluminium frame of the iPhone SE suffered only minor scuffs after being dropped from a height of sixfeet,t side down, putting it on par with the iPhone 13.

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Additionally, Allstate Protection Plans performed a 30-minute dunk test to ensure that the IP67 water resistance rating was accurate. Despite being submerged in one metre of water for 30 minutes, it was able to come out of the experience with no damage and resume normal operation after an hour.

Drop tests are variable, and the results that are ultimately seen in the real world could vary because drop damage will depend on the drop height, surface an iPhone is dropped onto, and the angle that the smartphone falls out of the drop.

Users of the all-glass iPhone SE should exercise caution and prevent drops by using a protective case.

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