India will start producing the iPhone 13 in April after Foxconn’s plant was placed on probation


Foxconn’s plant in Chennai, India, is set to begin producing the iPhone 13 in April. Following worker complaints, Apple put the facility on probation and postponed this event until February, which was initially slated for January.

As it works to minimize its reliance on China, Apple has had to deal with a number of difficulties.

Overview: Apple has halted manufacturing at two separate iPhone factories in India, managed by two different businesses, after investigating concerns from workers.

Workers at a Wistron plant rioted in early December 2021 because they hadn’t gotten their full wages. The loss was estimated at $60 million. Employee complaints were probed by the Indian government as well as Apple, and both sides found them to be valid.

Apple responded to employee complaints about working conditions by shutting down a Foxconn facility later that month. The grisly details made for a fascinating read.

iPhone 13 manufacturing had been slated to begin in January at this facility—but was postponed after Apple placed the factory on probation until the issues were remedied.

The iPhone 13 is being produced in India

Apple is scheduled to begin producing the iPhone 13 in April, seven months after it was introduced in India, at the Foxconn facility in Sriperumbudur in Chennai, according to sources. Both the domestic and international markets will be served by the phones.

Due to protests in December by female workers who claimed to have been harmed by food poisoning, the manufacturing of the iPhone 13 was postponed until January.

As for how many iPhones will be exported from China, it’s not yet clear, but Apple is aiming to expand its iPhone assembly network around the world. Recently, I suggested that the Ukraine crisis had the effect of highlighting the company’s unsustainable reliance on Chinese markets and suppliers.


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