Invisible objects may become visible with Apple’s Mixed Reality Headsets


Apple is developing a Mixed Reality (MR) headset that could enable users to see objects that are unseen. The novel headset, which could enable users to “visualise of non-visible phenomena,” or those that are unseen to the human eye, is mentioned in the paper.

It implies that Apple will employ extra signals to turn on a feature that will enable a wearer to view electromagnetic signals like Wi-Fi or gas leaks. It’s interesting to note that this is not the end of the list; it may also allow musicians to tune their instruments by visualizing the sound waves.

The headset might track heat patterns, which could help it predict potential fires. Additionally, it will enable users to view inside cabinets thanks to an augmented reality (AR) overlay.

A patent application from Apple, according to a report by Patently Apple, suggests that the tech giant’s MR headset would enable users to perceive objects that are invisible to the human eye, such as gas leaks, Wi-Fi signals, sound waves, heat patterns, etc.

The rumored headset is said to be useful for seeing gas leaks, potential fires, and Wi-Fi signals for positioning the router. According to rumors, it employs an IR sensor to let users perceive heat, which enables them to spot fire through walls.

By producing an AR overlay, it is also rumored to enable users to see what is concealed behind closed cabinets. From the moment the user opened the cached video, it will match that one. Apple’s MR headset is anticipated to go on sale in 2023. The tech giant is reportedly developing three new headsets with the model numbers N301, N602, and N421. Apple Reality, the company’s first MR headset, is expected to compete with products like planned AR/VR headgear of Facebook, according to a claim.

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