iOS 15 brings a number of updates to the App Store

iOS 15 brings a number of updates to the App Store

But what’s really important are a number of updates that will drastically affect developers’ and their apps’ presence on the App Store. Since iOS 11 was released four years ago, there hasn’t been this much change.

iOS 15’s updates give developers new opportunities for testing and marketing their work across this OS, allowing them to be more flexible and creative. How can developers make the most of iOS 15.0 and what do these updates mean for the wider app community?

A/B testing to optimize your product page

Among the most anticipated features of this update are the updated product pages. Using a tool that is directly accessible from the App Store Connect management console, developers can test icons, screenshots, and videos to gauge the impact of visuals on potential users.

For an icon to become available to all users in the App Store ecosystem, it should be built inside the app and passed through App Review approval before it is publicly available.

Moderators check the application for prohibited content, errors, and other issues that might impair the user experience. What is the impact on uploads? Updates within the Google Play Store (which has a similar implementation) already demonstrate that app icons can be uploaded without the need for an app update and do not require moderator approval.

Videos and screenshots follow a similar process. Then, and only then, can these elements be used to test the software? Finally, App Store Connect does not offer the option to test the subtitle (a brief description of the app) in Google Play.


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