iOS 16 and iPadOS 16 developers are being provided with the fourth betas of Apple’s software


Apple has just seeded the fourth beta versions of the future iOS 16 and iPadOS 16 updates to developers for the sake of testing. These updates come three weeks after Apple published the third beta version for developers.

The iOS 16 profiles and the iPad OS 16 profiles can be downloaded from the Apple Developer Center by registered developers. Once the profiles have been downloaded and installed, the betas will be made accessible over the air.

Customize your Lock Screen with widgets, a new notification style, and customizable fonts and colors in iOS 16. iOS 16 features a revised lock screen. Like watch faces, multiple lock screens may be set up, and they can be linked to different focus settings, just like on the iPhone.

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Focus filters allow you to block out distracting items within apps, making it easier than ever to keep your attention on the task at hand. Tools for editing, unsending, and marking messages as unread have been added to the app’s messaging features. It also allows SharePlay like FaceTime does.

If you haven’t received a response to an email you sent, you can get a reminder to check on it in the app’s search and follow-up features. Shared Tab Groups are supported in Safari, and Passkeys are being developed by Apple to replace passwords with a more secure method of logging in to accounts.

The iCloud Photo Library makes it easier for consumers to exchange images with family members, and Live Text is available in video. An exciting new feature of Visual Lookup is the ability to tap to remove a background and reveal the subject.

There’s better dictation, multi-stop route support in Maps, Apple Pay Later, and the ability to split up purchases with Apple Pay Later. The Home app has also been given a complete makeover. Stage Manager, a Mac-like multitasking function, is now available on the iPad, although it’s only available on iPads with the M1 chip.

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