iOS 16 is being tested later than usual on Apple devices


Apple has begun testing the iOS 16 update ahead of the WWDC 2022 event in June, but for some reason, the first references of visits from devices running it have now appeared much later than those on iOS 15, or even previous iOS editions. This is a far cry from previous iOS releases.

While LetemSvetemApplem recorded the first visits from iOS 15-powered devices at the end of March, the first visits from iOS 16-powered devices are expected at the beginning of April. As early as January 2014, users could get their hands on devices running Apple’s annual iOS update that was unveiled at the WWDC in June of that year.

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For the rumoured iPhone 14 Pro models, Apple will have to tweak the iOS 16 interface a bit in order to accommodate the punch hole and the pill-shaped cutout that will house the Face ID components and the selfie camera.

New display resolutions and a variety of new interface visuals may also be in store for the iPhone 14 crop, so Apple may be taking its time developing iOS 16 to fit all those component changes and take full advantage of them, as well.

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