iOs 16 update with fixed copy-paste prompts and iPhone 14 Pro issues will be released by Apple next week


The new privacy feature in iOS 16 requires users to grant permission before an app may use their iPhone’s clipboard in order to transfer text from another app, but some users have reported that the prompt appears too frequently.

The Wall Street Journal reports that Apple said it will address this problem in a software update coming out the following week. This information was revealed after an Apple employee told a MacRumors reader that it was “not anticipated behavior” for a clipboard permission request to occur each time a user tries to paste text from one program into another.

According to the report, the software upgrade will also resolve a problem with some iPhone 14 Pro devices freezing after receiving data from another iPhone.

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Apple has not given a version number for the impending software upgrade, although it is most likely iOS 16.0.2. An Apple representative earlier today confirmed that the update will resolve a problem that makes some iPhone 14 Pro models’ rear cameras jiggle and tremble when using third-party camera-enabled apps like Snapchat, TikTok, and Instagram.

An Apple representative earlier today told MacRumors, “We’re aware of the problem and a remedy will be published next week.” Apple did not release any other information, but it is probable that an update to iOS 16.0.2 will contain the patch.

Overall, this indicates that the software update will include at least three significant bug fixes.

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