iOS devices can be used as remote controls for TVs with Android TV OS’ Google TV app


There is now a Google TV app for iOS devices, which will allow users to make watchlists, get content recommendations, rate movies and more for their Apple devices. iOS users previously had access to the Play Movies and TV app, which will be automatically updated to the redesigned Google TV app for those who already had it installed.

Users of an Android TV OS device, such as a Google TV, can use their iPhone or iPad as a remote control. The remote button in the app may be used to control the TV and access Google Assistant by connecting to the TV and then clicking on the remote button in the app. Using the phone’s keyboard for passwords and search queries is made possible by this functionality.

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Google TV allows users to input information about the streaming services they subscribe to and receive suggestions for series and movies based on their preferences and historical viewing behavior. With a Gmail or Google account, you can store shows on a Watchlist, which can then be synced between devices.

Television and film can be loved or despised, which influences the algorithm for recommending series and films. A Highlights page delivers a daily news feed containing reviews, stories, and more about TV shows and movies that each user will find interesting.

On an iPhone or iPad, the app supports any movies and series that have been purchased or rented with a Google account, so the material may be seen.

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