iPhone 12 charger Apple accused of promoting MagSafe under the guise of protecting the environment

iPhone 12 charger Apple accused of promoting MagSafe

Several great improvements were made to the Apple iPhone 12 series. With the 2020 iPhone, Apple introduced a new design and upgraded specs, but they removed one key component – the charger. The iPhone 13 also doesn’t come with a charger. As most smartphone users have their own chargers at home, Apple did away with the charger to reduce environmental impact. A lawsuit has been filed against the company in China.

Students from China claim Apple uses environmental issues to promote its MagSafe chargers. A student purchased an iPhone 12 Pro Max from Apple and demanded that Apple provide a charging brick, pay CNY 100 (roughly Rs 1,200) for breach of contract, and also cover the legal fees, reported Vice.

Furthermore, they stated that Apple includes a Type-C to Lightning cable in the box with the iPhone 12 series, and that most people own a charging adapter for Type-A USB. Upon launching the iPhone 11 series in 2019, Apple switched from a USB Type-A cable to a Lightning cable (Review). 

The company is not facing a legal action for not including a charger in the box for the first time. The Brazilian consumer protection regulator fined Apple $2 million earlier this year and required Apple to include a charging adapter in the box. “Misleading advertising,” selling devices without chargers, and unfair terms were among Apple’s fines.


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