iPhone 13 is Apple’s fastest-selling smartphone in the US gaining 51% market share in Q1


According to a recent report, Apple maintained its dominant position in the smartphone industry in the United States during the previous quarter, taking a 51 percent share of all shipments to start the year.

An increase of 3.7% over Q1 2021, according to Canalys, most recent shipment data, shows 39 million units shipped.

Apple was the clear victor, with shipments increasing by 19 percent to 19.9 million units, or 51% of the whole market. Samsung, its nearest competitor, with a market share of 27%, only grew by 1%.

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“Apple’s robust growth has bolstered the North American smartphone industry,” said Brian Lynch. A “major driver” of early-year success for Apple, Lynch argues, was Apple’s best iPhone, the iPhone 13, which he thinks was the “key iPhone.” As worldwide demand remains uncertain, Apple is reportedly relocating more of its gadgets back to the United States after prioritizing other regions in the second half of 2021.

Many of North America’s “extremely devoted iOS consumers” will be able to afford the iPhone SE, according to Lynch, who adds that carriers’ plans to deploy 5G in the C-band and lower-frequency sub-6GHz bands will allow for a further rise in iPhone SE sales in the future.

High inflation in the United States is putting “an incredible amount of pressure on carriers,” according to Lynch, and he expects supply concerns to be a major bottleneck in the upcoming quarter.

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