iPhone 14 is the easiest iPhone to fix since 2016 as ‘right to repair’ gains momentum


The iPhone 14, which went on sale this week, is the most repairable model since the iPhone 7 from Apple, which debuted in 2016, according to a blog post by tools and fix advocacy group iFixit.

According to the iFixit teardown, Apple altered the internal structure of the iPhone 14 to enable consumers to remove and replace the device’s back glass and screen by undoing just two screws.

The modifications will make it simpler for end users, independent repair businesses, and Apple Store workers to replace the phone’s screen, back glass, and battery—the most frequent repairs for the majority of smartphones.

According to Kyle Wiens, the creator of iFixit, “Apple has entirely overhauled the internals of the iPhone 14 to make it easier to fix.” “This is a significant deal, even though it is not at all obvious from the outside.”

According to iFixit, the high-end iPhone 14 Pro versions don’t feature the new, more repairable design.

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In contrast to past iPhones and many Android devices that required glue and tight tolerances that made it harder to replace older phones, the iPhone 14 has a repair-friendly design this year.

Apple’s iPhone redesign comes as proponents continue to call for laws granting users access to the manuals, tools, and parts required to repair increasingly complex industrial and electronic devices. They claim that this will increase the longevity of these products, reduce e-waste, and have a positive impact on the environment while saving users money.

Advocates refer to the movement as the “right to repair,” and some states in the United States have contemplated legislation that would compel manufacturers of consumer electronics to release manuals and offer genuine replacement parts. A right-to-repair law was passed by New York lawmakers earlier this year. It has not yet been made a law.

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Federal authorities are becoming more aware of the problem. In 2021, President Joe Biden will issue an executive order including right-to-repair regulations that were requested by the FTC. The FTC also created a report that was delivered to Congress in 2021 regarding the legal environment surrounding the right to repair, naming the mobile phone and automobile industries as two sectors with repair restrictions.

In recent years, Apple has taken several actions to make it simpler to repair its products. Self-Service Repair is a program that was launched in April that enables customers and independent repair facilities to rent the same tools that Apple stores use and to buy genuine Apple replacement components. Through the program, the corporation also made repair guides for its products available.

Apple continues to maintain that the best approach for the vast majority of customers to fix their devices is to go see an Apple-certified technician.

“This design upgrade is a significant victory. According to Wiens, the modifications to the iPhone will lengthen its lifespan and lessen its total environmental impact.

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