iPhone 14 launch is expected to take place on September 13


A recent report has provided a possible date for Apple’s unveiling of the iPhone 14 series, which is widely anticipated to take place in the month of September.

IHacktu leaked the information that the iPhone 14 will be unveiled on September 13, 2022, which is the same date as the previous iPhone model launches (except in 2020) and which we had already marked in our calendars. If this is the case, pre-orders will begin on September 16 and the product will be available on September 23.

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Despite the fact that Apple has yet to formally announce the date, it’s a date that makes sense. This will not happen until much later in August. So it should come as no surprise that Apple’s iPhone event will take place on a Tuesday in the second week of September, as is customary.

A total of four new iPhones are scheduled to be released: the iPhone 14, the iPhone 14, the iPhone 14 Max, and the iPhone 14 Pro and Max. Three new Apple Watch models are also expected to be unveiled, including the Apple Watch Series 8, a new Apple Watch SE, and a rugged Apple Watch, which could be referred to as the Apple Watch Pro, but was previously known as the Apple Watch Explorer Edition.

There is still a lot of speculation, so we won’t be writing in our diaries just yet, but the pen is definitely on standby.

source: iHacktu ileaks – twitter.com

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