iPhone 14 model with a larger display may be renamed ‘Plus’ by Apple


Apple is said to be reviving a naming tradition last utilized in 2017 by referring to the larger iPhone 14 model as “Plus” rather than “Max.”

It is anticipated that Apple may replace the “mini” model with a larger non-Pro model in its future revamp of its flagship iPhone model. Despite more recently choosing the “Max” suffix, there is a suggestion that Apple will return to the earlier-used “Plus.”

Serial leaker “Majin Bu” provides photographs and titles for the cases in a tweet regarding the case colors that Apple will release alongside the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro models. Along with showcasing the new hues, the photos also list the model names.

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If the source is accurate, the larger iPhone 14 Pro model, which will be called the iPhone 14 Pro Max, will maintain the current naming scheme. The larger iPhone 14 will instead be referred to as the “iPhone 14 Plus,” not the “iPhone 14 Max.”

Although it will be a surprising step for Apple, the leaker has “ninety-nine percent confidence” in the naming system, so it may have some merit.

One could argue that the titles “iPhone 14 Max” and “iPhone 14 Pro Max” are too similar and might mislead customers. Another issue is the confusion between “Max” and internal requirements, which is OK for Pro models but inappropriate for non-Pro versions with lower specs.

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