iPhone 14 Pro Dynamic Island Adds ‘Pixel Pals’ by Apollo App


Developer Christian Selig of the well-known Reddit software Apollo added a cute little feature — a “tamagotchi” for the Dynamic Island — along with compatibility for the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max.

The latest iPhone models’ Dynamic Island region has a little new species thanks to the app update. The little creature merely marches around the Dynamic Island while you explore Reddit, and it can be configured to look like a cat, dog, hedgehog, fox, or axolotl.

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The most recent version of the app includes an opt-in option for Apollo called “Dynamic Island Zoo.” In order to allow individuals who do not own an iPhone of Apple with a Dynamic Island to still add a critter to their device, Selig has also added the little critters as lock screen widgets.

A number of other Reddit-related widgets are now accessible to iOS 16 users thanks to an upgrade to Apollo that added iOS 16 support earlier.

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