iPhone 14 screen shock revealed via an Apple leak


Leaked schematics and artist renderings have been the only sources for the allegations that Apple would completely overhaul the display of its flagship iPhones. But no longer.

A flurry of recent leaks appears to have revealed Apple’s notch-free iPhone 14 Pro for the first time. Apple may have also disclosed the technology that underlies this revolutionary design shift.

Initially, the leaked The huge information comes from DuanRui, a trustworthy Chinese tipper, who released actual images of the upcoming iPhone 14 Pro/Pro Max display, one of which shows the screen turned on. As indicated by earlier leaks, the dual-punch hole design has taken the place of the notch. When news of the design modification first surfaced last year, initial reports overstated the size of the punch holes.

Further emphasizing this, ShrimpApplePro, the original leaker to disclose Apple’s dual-punch hole design intentions, has supplied photos demonstrating how Apple would modify the iPhone 14 Pro display to allow for the new punch holes. According to the photographs (via MacRumors), an iPhone 14 Pro Max UI is placed on an iPhone 13 Pro Max.

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Apple purportedly lowered the iOS cellular signal, Wi-Fi, and battery icons a little bit lower and further to the right, despite the punch holes being smaller than the notch. This graphic suggests that Apple might be able to squeeze additional icons into the status bar thanks to the punch holes, which has generated a lot of internet discussion.

In addition, Ice Universe, a well-known Samsung leaker, ventured beyond their regular territory to release photographs of a mockup iPhone 14 Pro that also shows off the new punch hole design. The rush of leaks is expected to continue as mass manufacturing of all models is well under way.

It is critical to emphasize how shocking this new iPhone 14 Pro display is. Apple only introduced its new MacBooks last year, complete with display notches that (debatably) harmonized the brand’s design language. Additionally, it was interpreted as a declaration that the notch would remain in place until under-display camera technologies met Apple’s high requirements.

However, all of this is set on fire by the iPhone 14 Pro’s punch holes. It is for this reason that so many industry pundits have remained pessimistic about it.

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A specialized website has discovered a new patent application. Perhaps Patently Apple just gave the game away. The application demonstrates how a “light folding element,” a crucial component of Face ID, can be used to refocus IR light. As stated by Apple:

“The IR light emitter may not always be restricted to a certain installation position since the light folding element can alter the transmission direction of the IR light. Instead, the IR light emitter could be positioned in a less confined area and directed in a particular direction using a light folding device. This can increase the device’s display surface and decrease the overall size of the imaging and sensing components, which in turn reduces the size of the notch used to retain them.

The technology that Apple patents hardly ever sees the light of day in the marketplace. Having said that, the date of this patent does not seem to be random.

In any case, Apple’s iPhone 14 Pro models will dominate the market in 2022, with the entry-level iPhone 14 and the new iPhone 14 Max effectively being rehashed versions of the iPhone 13. If you have the money to pay their higher charges, then Pro is the way to go.

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