iPhone 14 will reportedly support satellites in more countries


The new Emergency SOS via Satellite function is available on all four iPhone 14 versions and will go on sale in November in the US and Canada. According to a brand-new report released today, Apple intends to eventually roll out the capability to other nations.

According to reports, Apple told the Swiss website MacPrime that it would reveal more nations for Emergency SOS via Satellite later this year, followed by even more countries the following year. However, it is unclear when the feature would actually go live in more countries. Apple has been contacted by us for comment on the situation.

With the help of Emergency SOS via Satellite, users of iPhone 14 models can connect directly to a satellite and text emergency services while they are not within range of cellular or Wi-Fi networks. Apple claims that the service will be free for the first two years when it opens in the US and Canada, which raises the possibility that the company may eventually decide to charge for the service.

The feature on the iPhone assists users in orienting their phone towards a satellite to establish a connection, and Apple claims that in “ideal conditions with a direct view of the sky and the horizon,” a message may be sent in 15 seconds, but that it may take longer “under trees with light or medium foliage.”

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