iPhone 14’s New Finish Revealed in Apple Exclusive


The iPhone 14 reveal has revealed details on the range’s design, performance variations, and pricy front cameras. However, their new color choice may end up being the most striking improvement.

The arrival of the purple iPhone 14 Pro model has been widely predicted for months. With every new iPhone release, Apple typically introduces new colors, but a recent video reveals that the purple finish is unique compared to previous iPhone finishes.

The finish, which was shared by well-known Apple leaker DuanRui (via Weibo) using an iPhone 14 Pro dummy unit, has a shimmering effect that changes from dark to light purple depending on the perspective. Similar experiments have been conducted by Apple on the Midnight iPhone 13 and the MacBook Air with an M2 processor, although they are not quite as impressive.

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In addition, DuanRui has disclosed the other color choices for the line-up of iPhone 14 of Apple, including navy blue, gold, graphite, and silver, even though they were not seen on film. This is the first time blue has been mentioned in leaks, but the latter three have been established for some time. Expect the pair to be by far the most popular choice if it shimmers similarly to purple.

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