iPhone 15 series is expected to feature Dynamic Island on regular models


The brand’s newest lineup of smartphones, the iPhone 14 and 14 Pro, was just released by Apple. The smartphone’s new Dynamic Island, which substitutes the notch at the top of the screen on Pro variants, is its main feature.

The Dynamic Island function is exclusive to the iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max for this generation of phones. It’s now being said that the Dynamic Island feature will be available on all iPhone models by the following year.

According to Ross Young, the Dynamic Island feature should be accessible on the basic iPhone 14 device before the end of the year. He continues by saying he still does not anticipate an LTPO display on the standard versions.

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The Dynamic Island feature of the Apple iPhone 15 will be supported on the base model, according to the source, but the ProMotion display and an always-on display option will only be available on the Pro versions.

On the iPhone 14 Pro versions, the Face ID sensors and front camera are encircled by a Dynamic Island, a pill-shaped cutout region. When iOS 16.1 is launched, it will function with Live Activities in third-party apps and can display system warnings like incoming phone calls.

The new function makes the new versions of iPhones appealing enough for owners of earlier generations to think about purchasing them rather than the older models, which are not worth upgrading if the phone isn’t too old. If few people intend to upgrade, it will have an impact on Apple’s earnings.

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