iPhone boxes removed from apple made billions by removing chargers and earphones


According to a report in the Daily Mail, Apple has made an estimated $6.5 billion by no longer including chargers and earphones with its new iPhones.

This will no longer be an option for Apple customers by 2020, as the company cites the negative environmental effects of shipping charging bricks in iPhone boxes.

The idea was sold by the tech company on the basis that many smartphone owners already had a charger at home.

A further $25 could be saved by shipping iPhones without accessories in retail packaging, according to this report.

190 million iPhones have been shipped since the policy was implemented, saving the company an estimated $6.5 billion in accessory costs, according to reports.

According to analysts, the new 5G modems built into Apple’s iPhones are expensive, and they believe that Apple’s decision to remove chargers and earphones will help the company cover those costs.


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