iPhone & iPad users will be able to map out their houses using Apple’s RoomPlan API


If you have an iPhone or iPad with a LIDAR sensor, you can use the new RoomPlan Swift API to scan your indoor spaces—including furniture configurations.

RoomPlan, a new augmented reality tool introduced at WWDC 2022, aims to let users gather information about a room’s layout and contents.

The RoomPlan API was hailed by Apple as a helpful tool for making floor layouts on a dedicated developer page. Apps for real estate and hospitality that necessitate a thorough understanding of building layout might immediately benefit from these designs.

It was also claimed that 3D scanning of an interior area could be used to quickly plan out architectural and interior design operations.

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The display would utilize the LIDAR sensors that are included in some models of the iPhone and iPad. It will then show “real-time scanning progress” as well as “a dollhouse simulation that shows everything in the room that has been recognized.”

The blueprints will be exported to widely-compatible USD or USDZ file formats for import into many popular 3D applications, such as Cinema 4D and AutoCAD. They’ll provide reports on the room’s size as well as those of the furniture that’s featured.

The 12.9-inch iPad Pro was used by Twitter user @jonstephen85 to test RoomPlan. It was proved in a series of tweets outlining his experiences that the technology was capable of detecting loose objects, such as mirrors.

However, it had a lot of difficulties adjusting to recently closed doors, going to various floors, and maintaining constant scans of the walls.

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