iPhone Users Take Over 3 Trillion Photos a Year


Over three trillion images were shot last year on iPhones worldwide, according to Apple, who claimed this proves the device is always “ready to quickly and effortlessly capture your life’s events” during its “Far out” event .

Senior manager for camera quality at Apple, Caron Thor, presented the data at the speech. The three trillion photos taken last year on all iPhones include those taken for Apple’s well-known Shot on iPhone campaign, which showcases photographs made on iPhones on Instagram, Apple’s website, and billboards all around the world.

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Apple has improved the camera of the iPhone 14, especially the more expensive iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max, in an effort to maintain the iPhone’s lead in the photography market. Wider sensors, a brand-new 48MP wide camera, and other features may be found in the new higher-end cameras.

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