iPhones without chargers will no longer be sold in Brazil by Apple


Reuters reports that today, the Brazilian Justice Ministry ordered Apple to cease marketing iPhones without a charger included. Brazilian officials believe that by not including a power adapter with a purchase, Apple is intentionally discriminating against consumers by providing buyers with a defective product.

Brazilian authorities have ordered Apple to stop selling any iPhone, including the iPhone 12 and newer, that does not include a power adapter after the company was fined an amount of reals for selling iPhones without chargers.

The Brazilian state of So Paulo previously fined Apple over two million dollars for failing to include a charger with contemporary iPhones, which the So Paulo consumer protection agency claimed was a violation of the Consumer Law Code. Additionally, Apple lost a 2022 case across the nation when a client who did not receive a charger filed a claim.

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Brazil has so far dismissed Apple’s claim that there are environmental advantages and less waste created by not including a power adaptor with the iPhone.

Beginning with the 2020 release of the iPhone 12 range, Apple discontinued including chargers with iPhones. Apple no longer includes EarPods or a power adapter in the majority of nations; instead, they only include a USB-C to Lightning charging connection. Apple has informed customers that doing away with these accessories is a part of its commitment to “achieve [its] environmental goals” and claims that the majority of customers already have power adapters on hand for charging.

One day before Apple announces its iPhone 14 lineup, which will include updated versions of the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro models, the Justice Ministry issues an order.

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