It remains possible to use the first-generation iPhone SE smoothly if you use the latest version of iOS


Every year, Apple unveils a new iPhone for iPhone fans with an upgraded processor and a better camera. For those who prefer to upgrade their iPhone each time a new model is released, the older version of the iPhone is still compatible with newer versions of iOS. However, in order to discover just how effective this is, you’ll have to continue reading.

It appears that this finding applies to iPhones because the iPhone 6s and Samsung Galaxy S6 were released in the same year, 2015. While the iPhone S6 that was released with iOS 9 can still be used with iOS 9, the Samsung Galaxy S6 that was released with Android 5 just completely vanished after two updates with Android 7.

Given the possibility that many claims will resurface that the iPhone S6 will continue to receive iOS updates, it is understandable that it will not function as efficiently as the latest iPhone models. This is why we’re testing an older iPhone model with the latest software for you.

In 2016, Apple released the most affordable iPhone 5s alternative, the iPhone SE. It had the same specs as the iPhone 5s, including an A9 chip and a 12 Megapixel 4K camera, but it was priced at $250 less than the iPhone 6s and up to $300 less than the iPhone 6. At the time, Apple did not have a product with a borderless design, and this so-called biggest iPhone of its time had a 5.5-inch 1080p screen.

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When it comes to the first-generation iPhone, you might be surprised to learn that it can still run iOS 15. For example, you can use a social messaging app, play online games, or surf the internet on your iPhone without experiencing any noticeable slowdowns in the speed at which these apps operate after an iPhone update. However, it will not be as fast as using the same apps and websites on the latest iPhone models.

Congratulations! If you were able to upgrade your iPhone SE to the latest version of iOS, you now have access to some of the same features found in the iPhone 13. iPhone SE owners who have just updated to iOS 15 can now use the new Focus mode, notifications with the latest design and spotlight with a better result, the latest emoji, improved privacy and security settings.

It’s now possible to get most of the App Store’s apps for free, and they work flawlessly with the A9 chip. Because the first-generation iPhone SE only has 2GB of RAM, you may find that the apps run at a comparatively slow speed, but most people won’t notice it. On this phone, you won’t be able to use features like Live Text.

Battery life is an issue, but the good news is that a new one can be easily installed to give your device an entirely fresh lease on life.

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