It’s rumored that Apple’s next-generation smartphone will be cheaper than expected


According to recent speculations, the iPhone 14 will start at US$899, which is US$100 higher than the iPhone 13 cost. But according to a recent source, Apple plans to keep the iPhone 14’s price level the same as that of its predecessor in order to keep entry pricing as low as feasible.

Apple is getting ready to release the iPhone 14 series soon. The company normally releases its phones in September or October, but a launch date has not yet been confirmed. According to several recent reports, Apple will launch the iPhone 14 with a price tag greater than the iPhone 13 from the previous year. 

With the exception of the brand-new iPhone 14 Max, the whole lineup was rumored to launch with a price increase of US$100 above its forerunners. The iPhone 14 would cost US$899, according to the reports. However, there are rumors that the aforementioned leaks may have been false. 

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According to rumors, Apple has chosen to keep the iPhone 14’s price unchanged in an apparent effort to counteract the stagnation of the worldwide market with a more alluring entry-level price. Given that the entry-level iPhone 13 series device costs $729 USD, that makes sense. However, there won’t likely be an iPhone 14 Mini, and increasing the price of the iPhone 14 to US$899 would significantly increase the series’ entry point. The iPhone 14 will instead cost US$799, the same as the iPhone 13.

It’s crucial to note that the source makes it clear that this cost only applies to the standard iPhone 14. The remaining models are expected to be released with the previously reported price tags, which translates to US$1,099 for the iPhone 14 Pro and US$1,199 for the iPhone 14 Pro Max.

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