Launch date for the Apple iPhone 14 has been revealed


The iPhone 14 is expected to be introduced on a Tuesday in September, as previously reported, and a leaker has now confirmed which Tuesday we should mark our calendars. According to the Apple-focused website iDropNews, the Apple September Event in 2022 will take place on September 13, based on information from its own sources. The timing couldn’t be better: right in the middle of the month.

For the time being, take this date with a grain of salt, because it’s possible that Apple is using it as a placeholder. The date could be pushed back by the company for a variety of reasons, and the leaker could simply be misinformed. The leaker believes that Apple will conduct an event on September 13th, which may or may not be an announcement of the iPhone 14, but the times match because Apple generally launches new iPhones on Tuesdays in September.

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There are a number of additional devices that the leaker believes will be introduced in addition to the iPhone 14, but nothing new is specified. A new iPad, four iPhone 14s, an Apple Watch 8 with an “Extreme Edition,” AirPods Pro 2, and a more affordable Apple Watch SE 2 are all expected to be released at the same time as the new iPad Pro (2022).

There will be a lot of new products, so it’s likely that Apple will host two launch events, like it did in 2020 when it announced a new iPad and Apple Watch before the upcoming iPhones. If this happens, the 13th of September will likely be set aside for non-iPhone products, similar to the way it was in 2020, with the iPhone 14 family following a few months later. Although leakers may give us a heads-up ahead of time, Apple often announces its launch events a week in advance, so we’ll have to wait until September 6 to find out what’s going to happen on September 13.

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