Life-saving Apple Watch ECG heart sensor credited once again


An incredible 138 times in 48 hours, a UK man’s heart stopped beating, and he credits the Apple Watch with saving his life.

In April, Sarah, David’s wife, gave him the Apple Watch for his birthday. David Last is 54 years old. He received notifications of a low resting heart rate on nearly 3,000 different occasions shortly after starting to wear it, according to the electrocardiogram feature (ECG).

The usual resting heart rate for an adult male is between 60 and 100 beats per minute (bpm). Last’s heartbeat slowed to just 30 beats. He thought the Apple Watch was broken because of the numerous alarms. He claimed to lead an active lifestyle and had no close relatives who had experienced heart problems.

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A cardiologist was then recommended to him by his doctor after his wife eventually convinced him to go.

His specialist gave him a 48-hour ECG after an MRI scan in May, with findings arriving in July, to track his heart rate. When hospital staff members on the phone started to sound “very anxious,” according to him, he finally understood there was a problem.

Last remarked, “They had a bed ready as soon as I arrived.”

Doctors informed him that he had a third-degree heart blockage because a junction in his heart was wearing out just in time for a bed to become available. If this worsens, there is a chance of sudden cardiac death.

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Over the course of 48 hours, his heart stopped 138 times at 10-second intervals, most frequently while he was sleeping. Before the issue resurfaced, other areas of his heart had to step in to restore blood flow.

Last August, he underwent surgery and was fitted with a pacemaker to enable each cardiac ventricle to pump blood in unison, as a healthy heart would.

I wouldn’t be here if she hadn’t given me my watch of Apple for my birthday, said Last. “She gave it to me, and I will always be grateful to her. Now that I’ve learned how to charge it, I always have it with me.”

The Apple Watch Series 4, Apple Watch Series 5, Apple Watch Series 6, and Apple Watch Series 7 all come with an electrical cardiac sensor for taking an ECG.

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