LIV Golf events aren’t being streamed by Apple TV+ on a serious basis


After declining an offer, LIV Golf won’t be included in the lineup of live sports on Apple TV+.

LIV Golf won’t be coming to Apple TV+, despite the fact that it has invested heavily in MLB, tried to get the Big Ten Conference, and developed a vast array of sports programming. The Wall Street Journal reported that Apple didn’t even give the golfing company’s proposition a serious thought.

The Wall Street Journal reports that the Saudi Arabian-backed enterprise, LIV Golf, has been accused of aiming to boost the nation’s reputation. According to the article, LIV Golf is thought to be attempting to restore Saudi Arabia’s reputation following numerous instances of human rights abuses.

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Whether or not it was a factor in Apple’s choice, Apple TV+’s rejection comes after the same rejection by Amazon. Additionally, LIV Golf’s decision to decline the streamers’ offer comes after the company’s rejections by ESPN, CBS, NBC, Fox, and probably other media outlets as well.

According to a LIV spokeswoman, the business was only getting started with what was referred to as the auction phase for its golf media rights.

Given our player pool and the calibre of our offering, we are optimistic about our possibilities, “LIV Golf Chief Media Officer Will Staeger told the outlet.

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