Live captions will be available on Apple’s iPhone, iPad and Mac


A spate of new accessibility features for Apple products were unveiled on Tuesday that potentially benefit individuals with impairments.

Live subtitles for movies on iPhones, iPads, and Macs are one of the most useful features in the app. You can read the text at the bottom of the screen for those who are hard of hearing or anyone who prefers to watch videos without sound. According to Apple, it can be used for streaming services, FaceTime calls, and other video conferencing apps. Google’s Android operating system already has a comparable functionality available to it.

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In the coming months, the software will be available.

Apple has also added a new Door Detection tool that can assist blind or low-vision iPhone or iPad users who are unfamiliar with the environment in locating doors. The tool can also tell you if the door is open or closed and if it can be opened by pushing, tugging, or turning a knob. It employs lidar technology and machine learning to run. The iPhone Pro and iPad Pro devices are equipped with a Lidar sensor.

Apple is also providing a mechanism for people with disabilities to mirror their assistive features on the iPhone onto their Apple Watch, receive warnings on their iPhone when they hear a doorbell or appliance ringing, and more.

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