M2 Pro could be Apple’s first mobile device to use TSMC’s 3nm process


By  a recent claim, the 2022 model year MacBook Pros from Apple may include new M2 Pro and M2 Max chipsets produced using the most recent 3nm manufacturing technology from TSMC.

The largest semiconductor contract manufacturer in the world, TSMC, has been developing its 3nm production methods steadily. The Economic Times reports that Apple might be the first client to receive those chips.

In the second half of 2022, Apple will reportedly use 3nm wafers for the first time, perhaps for its M2 Pro chipsets, according to the Rumor. The A17 chipset for the iPhone and a possible third-generation of the M series could both be made using the 3nm process in the future.

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A September start date for TSMC’s 3nm wafer large scale production has been revealed. The study also states that the initial yield will be more than it was when TSMC transitioned to 5nm technology.

The 3nm method could result in semiconductors with higher power efficiency and performance for Apple’s products than earlier chipmaking techniques.

Hence , Apple is expected to deploy the M2 Pro processor, and perhaps an M2 Max, in its 14-inch, 16-inch, and Mac mini models later in 2022 or in the beginning of 2023, according to previous sources.

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