Mac Pro M1 is still available but Apple decided to wait for Mac Pro M2 Extreme


Mark Gurman provided some details about unreleased Apple products in a new interview, suggesting an M1 Mac Pro isn’t coming, and the Mac mini won’t see a redesign.

Gurman is a regular contributor to Bloomberg, where he reports on the latest leaks and rumors from his network of insiders. For example, he just revealed information in his “Power On” newsletter about the expected “Pro” Apple Watch Series 8.

As part of an interview with the YouTube channel Max Tech, Gurman addressed some of the overblown controversies around the M2 MacBook Air that had been sparked initially by the interviewers themselves. During the course of the conversation, Gurman revealed several details about Apple products that have yet to be launched.

According to Gurman, there will not be a makeover of the Mac mini. “As for the redesign rumors, I have no idea where they came from. Those look like they’ll be spec bumps as well. “

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According to Jon Prosser, the rumor of a new Mac mini was first reported. His leak history was accurate for a long time, but a few notable mistakes, like a flat-sided Apple Watch or an iPhone without a camera bump, have cast doubt on his accuracy.

After the Mac Studio was unveiled, it appeared that Apple would no longer introduce a revised Mac Mini. However, until very recently, a Mac Pro equipped with M1 was only a figment of the imagination.

Another Mac Pro M1 was ready months ago when Gurman spoke up. That was a pity, because it would have been nice to have the M2 pro version.

Rumors had previously speculated that the Mac Pro would be unveiled at WWDC with an M1 version, potentially even higher than the M1 Ultra. That didn’t work out, and now that the M2 CPU is in existence, the Mac Pro may be delayed for a long time.

According to Gurman, the Mac Pro with “M2 Extreme” may be revealed as early as the end of 2022, but it wouldn’t go on sale until the middle of 2023 at the earliest. New iPad Pros with M2 and other upgrades could be announced at the same time.

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