‘MacBook Air’ might not be the name of the rumored new Apple notebook


A 15-inch MacBook Air has been rumoured to be in the works for a while now, but the respected and reliable TF website has cast doubt on this claim. International Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has hinted that the new machine may not be referred to as the “MacBook Air,” suggesting that Apple’s simply-named “MacBook” may return at some point next year.

The new machine is expected to be powered by an all-new “M2” custom processor, which is also expected to feature in Apple’s rumoured new 2022 iPad Pro. Before Kuo’s speculation on the new name, reports claimed that Apple was working on a completely redesigned MacBook Air, possibly featuring a MacBook Pro-style notch, MagSafe charging, white bezels, and more.

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When it comes to the new 15-inch MacBook, Kuo says that “even though a larger display generally consumes more power,” “the design goal is to use the same 30W power adapter as the MacBook Air” if all goes as planned in 4Q23, he tweeted.

Last year, Jon Prosser revealed his 2022 MacBook Air concepts, which he claimed were based on information from a reliable source who claimed that Apple would introduce “colours for average consumers” with colourful MacBook models that feature iMac-style white bezels, a new non-wedge design, a white keyboard, and more.

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