Man incarcerated for finding girlfriend’s location using Apple Watch


Apple recently released a major update to AirTags, which includes more stringent anti-stalking features. The update was designed to prevent the AirTags from being used as a snooping device. Inadvertently, Apple did not anticipate that stalkers would use the Watch as a stalking device.

An Apple Watch attached to his girlfriend’s car allowed the police to track his whereabouts, according to WSMV4’s report. The police arrested Lawrence Welch, 29, of Nashville, Tennessee, for the crime. According to the police affidavit, Welch has been accused of installing a GPS tracking device in the car of his girlfriend.

According to the police, the Life360 app, which the couple used to keep tabs on each other’s whereabouts, allowed Welch to locate his girlfriend. The app, on the other hand, was deactivated before she went to the Family Safety Centre.

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Despite her best efforts, the boyfriend persisted in calling and texting the victim, despite her having disabled the app’s location tracking feature. Instead of entering the Family Safety Centre, Welch squatted near the tyre of the car his girlfriend was driving, which piqued the suspicion of the center’s security staff, who then called the police.

Squatting next to the victim’s front passenger tyre, Welch was discovered by responding officers when they arrived on the scene. After inspecting the vehicle, they discovered an Apple Watch attached to the spokes of one of the tyres. In the end, Welch was able to identify the watch as his. The police arrested him for stalking his girlfriend’s car with a tracking device after learning about this discovery.

Later, the victim told the police that her boyfriend had threatened to kill her numerous times and that’s why she came to the Family Safety Center. Welch has previously been charged by the police, according to a report in the New York Times. An incident that occurred in July 2021 led to his arrest last December, and he is now facing two domestic assault charges from that incident.

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