Manufacturers just got a reminder from Apple to never mess with the iPhone design


Apple has been using Chinese manufacturer BOE Technology’s OLED panels since 2021, but it appears that it will no longer be doing so with the iPhone 14, and the company is solely to blame.

It appears that Apple has yet to approve BOE’s production of iPhone 14 OLED panels, according to sources from The Elec. To put it another way, it’s probably due to a lack of faith. It’s believed that BOE chose to change the design of the OLED panel it was making for the iPhone 13 without consulting Apple beforehand. An expansion in the panel’s thin-film transistor architecture was presumably made as a means of increasing yield rates.

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Apple, of course, took notice and, unsurprisingly, all shipments of OLED panels from BOE to Apple were promptly halted. Some of BOE’s “C-level executives” and staff travelled to Apple’s headquarters to explain why they changed the design without Apple’s consent in the wake of the controversy. Apple has deferred clearance for the production of the iPhone 14’s panel, indicating that the company was not satisfied with the change or the rationale provided.

It was previously anticipated that Apple would rely on BOE for 30 million OLED screens for its upcoming smartphone, but that now appears increasingly doubtful. Instead, Samsung or LG Display could be required to create more panels under their current contracts, leaving BOE to reflect on what it has done. Considering that the company has been around since 1993, supplies a variety of industries, including healthcare, and employs more than 68,000 people, it should be alright, but this rejection must be embarrassing and costly.

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