Maps now include Israel, Palestine, and Saudi Arabia in the updated Apple Maps design


Apple has been working on making its updated Apple Maps app available in more countries. According to maps expert Justin O’Beirne, the updated design has been tested in Israel, Palestine, and Saudi Arabia.

It will be the sixteenth extension of the revised Apple Maps design since the first update was released in September 2018. It was in 2020 that Apple completed its rollout in the United States, and since then it has spread to countries like Australia and New Zealand, as well as countries such as Singapore and the UK.

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Apple will put the update through its paces for a period of many weeks before releasing it to the public as the official upgrade for the Maps app. The “new” look of Apple Maps offers more detailed views of roads and vegetation, faster and more precise navigation, three-dimensional landmarks, improved views of parks, buildings, airports, and retail malls, and a function called “Look Around.”

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