Maps updates are tested in France, Monaco, and New Zealand by Apple


More detailed maps are being tested in France, Monaco, and New Zealand as part of Apple’s expansion of its enhanced Apple Maps experience across more nations across the globe.

During WWDC 2020, Apple stated that it plans to expand its upgraded Apple Maps to new countries, a process it has already completed in various regions of the world. Users in France and Monaco will now enjoy enhanced service as a result of Sunday’s app update.

According to Apple Maps user Justin O’Beirne, users in the regions may now see more information and sharper 3D object renderings. The Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame Cathedral, and Mont Saint-Michel have been noticed with enhanced renderings, as well as speed limit changes.

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More information is included on the maps of Monaco and New Zealand, such as the numerous jetties in Monaco. A picture of Auckland shows the addition of 3D-rendered features to the map.

It takes Apple, on average, about 47 days to test a new version of Apple Maps in public. Thus, it is anticipated that the modifications for this expansion will be finished by the 15th of July.

The testing is a follow-up to Apple’s 14th expansion of its Maps product, which took place in April and saw the enhanced experience delivered to Germany and Singapore.

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