Millions of iPhone 14 orders could be lost due to unauthorized screen modifications


Following BOE’s revisions to Apple’s standards, the company is apparently aiming to shift up to 30 million orders for iPhone 14 OLED screens away from it.

Thin film transistors (TFTs) in BOE’s iPhone 13 were allegedly altered, and the company was caught by Apple in February of 2022. This means that BOE is now at risk of losing all of the orders for the iPhone 14 that they had previously received from Apple.

According to The Elec, unnamed sources suggest that BOE dispatched a C-level official to Apple’s headquarters, who might be the Chief Technology Officer or maybe the CEO. He or she, together with an undetermined number of coworkers, explained why they had altered the design.

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Not much is known about Apple’s reaction, but The Elec claims that the BOE team asked the firm to allow its manufacture of iPhone 14 OLED panels. Responses were ambiguous at best.

It is estimated by the Elec that BOE would have received 30 million orders had this event not occurred. As a result, it believes that Apple is now more likely to order displays from Samsung Display or LG Display.

Production of the iPhone 14 screens, on the other hand, is not scheduled to start until June at the earliest.

As a result, the Elec’s apple-related coverage has been a mixed bag. On the other hand, it has a much weaker one when it comes to forming assumptions about Apple’s precise plans or drawing conclusions from the data it gleans from supply chain information.

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