Mixed-Reality Headsets from Apple are scheduled for release early in 2023 and lighter versions with call capability will arrive in 2024


According to ETNews, Apple is on track to release its reported mixed-reality headset in the early part of 2023, but the company is already working on a second-generation device that will feature significant advancements and be released in 2024.

A small initial volume of the headset’s production is expected, according to reports that suppliers are getting ready to begin mass production in the fourth quarter of this year, ahead of the product’s launch early next year.

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Previous sources claim that the headset will have a micro-OLED screen supplied by Sony and LG Display, three 3D sensing modules from LG Innotek, and a mid-to low-spec camera from a Chinese provider, all of which are expected to be included in Apple’s headset.

According to a report, a second-generation headset is already in development, and the current headset would be used as a testing device to prepare the market for it. The rumored 2024 release date for the next-generation Apple headset is reported to include a lighter design, the ability to make calls, and LG Innotek ultra high-definition cameras.

There have been reports that Apple intends to set itself apart from rival augmented and virtual reality gadget manufacturers by focusing on improved usability, the quality of the content that can be used, and portability. After observing Apple’s headset introduction and its impact on the market, Samsung is anticipated to introduce a rival product.

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