Model car iPhone photographer is promoted by Apple chief Tim Cook on World Autism Awareness Day


On this year’s World Autism Awareness Day and Autism Acceptance Month, Apple CEO Tim Cook tweeted a picture of a young iPhone photographer showcasing his skills at photographing automobile models.

With April 2 being designated as World Autism Awareness Day, Autism Acceptance Month takes place in April. On the two-year anniversary, Tim Cook tweeted about the subject by highlighting an iPhone photographer’s inventive work.

A 14-year-old autistic photographer named Anthony Ryan Schmidt was the subject of a tweet from Cook on Saturday. Model cars are photographed by Schmidt using his talents, but they are made to look like actual scale models thanks to the artistry he brings to the process. Schmidt

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Cook writes that Anthony has been interested in photography since he was six years old. “He now shares his larger-than-life iPhone images of model cars with fans around the world, and his creativity really shines through!” he says. “

For #ShotoniPhone and #AutismAcceptanceMonth, Cook also posts two images taken by Schmidt, including a behind-the-scenes shot showing the photographer at work and including his Instagram handle.

There are more than 37.7 thousand people who follow Schmidt’s Instagram account, so his work is well-liked. Additionally, on April 1st, he opened his first-ever solo gallery show in Washington, DC, which will be on display until April 29th.

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