‘Moral damage’ claims against Apple by Russian firm are seeking $1.2 million


It’s been reported that the firm Chernyshov, Lukoyanov & Partners is suing Apple for damages of 90 million roubles ($1.28 million), after the company blocked Apple Pay use in response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine last month.

Apple announced on March 1 that it would halt product sales in Russia, and it also stated that it would block app store access to state media operations Russia Today and Sputnik from outside of the country, similar to other Western companies.

Russian citizens have filed a lawsuit against Apple, seeking compensation for the “moral damage” they have suffered as a result of the company’s decision to discontinue the use of its Apple Pay service in Russia. An increase in the amount of damages could occur if additional claimants join the suit.

In an interview with a Russian news outlet, senior partner Konstantin Lukoyanov stated that Apple’s primary U.S. subsidiary had decided to suspend sales of Apple products and restrict services in Russia.

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Therefore, our lawsuit’s claims are first and foremost aimed at the parent company, and secondarily at its subsidiaries, “he stated in an official press release.

According to the firm, Apple’s decision to stop Apple Pay services in Russia has reduced the value of the company’s devices sold in the country. In accordance with Russian law, the legal team argued that these actions were unfair and discriminatory.

According to Reuters, Chernyshov, Lukoyanov & Partners is also pursuing similar legal action against Netflix, which suspended its streaming services in Russia in March.

Last month, Netflix reported that it had halted the development of new products and acquisitions in Russia following the invasion. The streaming service was working on four Russian-language series.

As part of its decision not to add Russian state-run channels to its service in Russia, Netflix has stated that it will not comply with a government regulation requiring the company to distribute those channels.

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