Music streaming service Spotify faces competition from Apple Music Sessions that feature exclusive live performances


Apple Music is taking on Spotify Sessions by launching its own version, named Apple Music Sessions, which is a little less creative than Spotify’s.

In a nutshell, live performances are exclusively available to Apple Music users. Carrie Underwood and Tenille Townes, two of country music’s biggest singers, have already debuted their Spatial Audio performances, which are now available to everyone with the appropriate technology.

It’s possible that the company’s brand-new “state-of-the-art studios” in Nashville had something to do with the decision to begin recording in a genre other than rock or metal as the first option.

Apple adds that other country musicians such as Ronnie Dunn and Ingrid Andress are also pencilled in to conduct Apple Music Sessions, but that the company “plans to expand the series into other genres of music in the future.” In addition to this, it states that they will be recorded “out of Apple Music’s studios around the world,” which means that the site will be different each time.

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There are only three songs in each of the current Apple Music Sessions, so the setlists aren’t particularly extensive. A cover of “Mama, I’m Coming Home” by Ozzy Osbourne and “At Last” by Etta James are included for Townes and Underwood, respectively.

For those for whom watching the musicians perform live is an important part of the experience, each playlist includes a video of each of the three tunes.

Readers of a certain age may have the impression that they have heard this before, and not just because of the Spotify Sessions that were mentioned earlier.

iTunes Sessions, a new service introduced in 2006, allows users to download unique live performances from artists. There are a lot of bands who have done this, and the performances tend to be around eight or nine songs long, from My Morning Jacket to Imagine Dragons to Gorillaz.

While iTunes was all about selling digital downloads, Apple Music is a streaming service that allows you to listen to as many songs as you like. Shorter live performances may be more comprehensible in this context, even if the fans of the artists concerned would certainly want more.

As for the competition, Spotify Sessions has been around for a while and has a vast collection of musicians presenting both original material and cover versions of other artists’ work. The audio quality is noticeably better. When it comes to high-quality music, Apple’s live sessions are the best bet for audiophiles at this point.

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