New 48MP sensor will result in larger camera bump on iPhone 14 Pro


The city of San Francisco Apple’s upcoming iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max smartphones are expected to have a larger camera bump and a thicker overall design due to their brand new 48MP wide camera systems.

MacRumors claims Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo is the primary source of the larger and more prominent camera bump. According to MacRumors, the rear camera has been upgraded to 48MP.

As a result of the increase in resolution, the iPhone’s contact image sensor (CIS) is expected to grow in size by 25 to 35 percent.

There is a slight difference between the iPhone 14 Pro Max’s width and that of the iPhone 13 Pro Max, which measures 78.1 mm in diameter. The iPhone 14 Pro Max will be nearly identical in height to the iPhone 13 Pro Max, measuring 160.7 mm compared to 160.8 mm.

The iPhone 14 Pro Max will have a thickness of 7.85 mm, which is slightly thicker than the current high-end iPhone.

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Expect to see an even larger hole-punch on Apple’s iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max, which are expected to house the Face ID components and a second hole for an additional camera.

In 2023, display analyst Ross Young expects Apple to extend the new look to the entire iPhone 15 lineup, including the more affordable models. In 2023, according to Young, the pill and holes could get smaller in terms of diameters.

In contrast, the 2022 Pro models would feature a major camera upgrade. Apple’s current line of Pro iPhones includes a 12MP camera.

A 48MP camera will be available on the iPhone 14 Pro models, however. According to reports, Apple has advised major US carriers to prepare for the September launch of eSIM-only smartphones.

As previously rumoured, Apple may begin to remove the physical SIM card slot from some iPhone 14 models, rather than some iPhone 15 models.

According to reports, two eSIM cards will be supported for dual-SIM functionality. To increase water resistance, the SIM card slot could be removed from the phone.

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