New Apple Watch design with a flat display is rumored for Series 8


The host of Front Page Tech’s YouTube channel, recently highlighted information from ShrimpApplePro that implies the Apple Watch Series 8 may feature a flat display, which is similar to the design rumoured for the Apple Watch Series 7.

For the Apple Watch’s “flat front glass display,” ShrimpApplePro reported on Twitter, citing sources who said so. There’s a “high likelihood” that this is the front glass for the Apple Watch Series 8, and while the general design and model of the flat display haven’t been revealed yet, it appears possible that the information pertains to the flat-edged Apple Watch design released by Prosser last year.

In May of the previous year, Prosser was the originator of a rumour that claimed Apple was working on a design for an Apple Watch with flat, squared-off edges. This rumour was subsequently corroborated by supposed CAD renders and other sources. At the time, Prosser speculated that the design might be for the Apple Watch Series 7, but he also cautioned that it might be for another future model of Apple Watch, such as the Series 8.

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New evidence from ShrimpApplePro shows that the flat design of the Apple Watch that was supposed to have been planned for a new model this year may really have been slated for the Series 7 model that was released in September of last year. Further information on the iPhone 14 variants will be shared next month, according to ShrimpApplePro, who believes the flat display will be ready for mass production soon, maybe along with the front glass.

Three new Apple Watch models are expected to be released this year, including the second-generation Apple Watch SE, a new “Explorer Edition” of the Apple Watch, and a second-generation Apple Watch. The flat-edged style, according to Prosser, might be on the way to any of these new models.

In the Apple rumour world, ShrimpApplePro has gained a reputation as a source of accurate information on the iPhone 14 Pro’s “pill and hole-punch” True Depth camera array, thinner bezels, and exact dimensions. We should not overlook the fact that ShrimpApplePro correctly predicted that the next generation of the Apple Watch would have a rounded shape similar to the Series 6 but with thinner display bezels.

A flat-edged design for the Apple Watch Series 8 has been proposed by Ian Zelbo in new renders posted by Prosser in response to the new information. Improved activity tracking and more are said to be included in the next Apple Watch Series 8.

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