New Apple watch with bigger screen and new design reportedly in development


It has been claimed by Bloomberg that Apple plans to introduce a new high-end Apple Watch with a larger screen and a different design.

Series 7 watches from last year have an edge-to-edge screen that removes much of the border on older models. The new high-end model will, according to Bloomberg, have a screen that is 7% larger than the Series 7 and will be the first major design update since 2018. According to the source, other features include a body temperature sensor, a more durable build, and longer battery life.

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This could be an indication that Apple is eyeing Garmin’s Fenix 7 series watches, which feature large screens, long battery lives, and tough designs. Hikers and runners who prefer a longer battery life than what the Apple Watch offers often opt for one of these watches.

Revenue from “Other Products,” which includes Apple Watch, grew by 12.3% year-over-year to $8.81 billion in the most recent quarter. Apple may be able to reach a new market with these alterations, one that has not previously purchased an Apple Watch.

Reports claim that Apple will also unveil a new version of its $279 Apple Watch SE, which is likely to be unveiled at the event. A lot of the functionality seen in earlier versions of the Apple Watch is carried over to this generation’s SE devices, but at a reduced price.

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