New campus for Apple’s massive expansion in San Diego is being purchased for $445 million


Apple has bought the Rancho Vista Corporate Center in San Diego as part of its plan to hire more engineers to work on hardware and software in the area.

Apple announced in 2019 that it wanted to create a new campus in San Diego by 2022, which would house 1,200 new technology employees. Since then, it has apparently been renting facilities in University City and Rancho Bernardo, but it has recently purchased the 67-acre Rancho Vista Corporate Center for $445 million.

There are reports that this is the first time Apple has purchased commercial property in San Diego. According to the publication, Apple has been increasing its hiring goals and now hopes to have 5,000 local employees by 2026.

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According to a statement made by a spokeswoman for Apple to a local newspaper, “We’ve been a part of the community in San Diego for more than two decades,” and the company is “thrilled to continue investing here as we expand our world-class teams.”

In 2019, officials in the city of Cupertino announced that Apple was planning to hire both hardware and software employees. The presence of Qualcomm in the region fueled speculation that Apple was focusing on replacing that company’s cellular modem chips in the region.

However, according to a recent article by the San Diego Union-Tribune, Apple’s website for employment opportunities now offers fresh openings across a variety of software, data science, and other non-hardware areas.

Hewlett Packard used to be the owner of Rancho Vista Corporate Center. Prior to leasing back five of its seven buildings, HP sold the site in exchange for $69 million from Swift Real Estate.

Swift Real Estate claims to have invested $80 million in modernizing the campus, including the establishment of a fitness center, various sports courts, and what it calls a “professionally-managed cafe.”

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