New Feature For The iPhone 14 Series Inspired By The Apple Watch


Apple leakers claim that the most recent flagship iPhone from Apple, the 14 series, would have a unique feature that was modeled after the Apple Watch.

As Mark Gurman reported in his last newsletter, this phone will have an always-on display that will display the time and date. The capability is already available on a number of Android devices and Apple’s Watch Series 7.

Users won’t have to touch the screen any more in order to access information such as the time, date, or anything else.

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While still visible, Apple Watch 7 series watches dim down to a lower brightness level, allowing users to see the time without pressing any buttons. According to reports, a similar function is expected to be added to the upcoming iPhones. Widgets will be used to display more information on the lock screen in iOS 16, as Apple has already shown us.

In addition to the always-on functionality, the iPhone 14 series is expected to introduce a number of other noteworthy enhancements.

However, speculation suggests that Apple may remain with the A15 Bionic CPU generation for the ordinary iPhone 14 series, with the A16 Bionic only being offered on the Pro variants.

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