New features are introduced to Apple’s iPhone in today’s technology bytes


— According to a Bloomberg report, Apple is reportedly adding a feature to its health app that will remind people to take their medication. Additional sleep tracking and a body temperature sensor are expected to be added to the Apple Watch, which could be useful for fertility monitoring.

Spotify’s “Green Room” live audio app has been renamed “Spotify Live,” and its features have been integrated into Spotify’s main app. Live event programming, which will continue on Wednesday, served as a prelude to the rebranding.

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As a final thought, how about a massage that’s both relaxing and rejuvenating? Introducing the Theraface Pro by Therabody! It uses the same percussive massage technique as other products, which means it slaps you in the face. It’s a gentler massage, but it’s still capable of delivering microcurrent therapy as well as light therapy.

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